Race And IQ

Globalists relentlessly repeat the lie that we are all the same. With Marxist egalitarianism at its roots, globalism treats human beings as interchangeable Lego blocks, disregarding immutable human traits. Inconvenient truths of race, gender, age, and most recently IQ, are all steadfastly denied.


Degeneracy Of The Left

Liberal ideology brings with it a mindset and a lifestyle. Unhealthy ones. Essentially born out of the French Revolution, modern leftism arose as a counter-culture against religiosity and the Church. Liberal thinkers chastised the Church for its excess and strict, constraining moral philosophy. While the Church indeed needed reform, the left capitalized upon popular resent … Continue reading Degeneracy Of The Left

Liberals Are Violent Sociopaths

We constantly hear in the media and from politicians just how scary and mean people are on the right. Here is something one can consider a general rule in the United States: Whatever the media and governments says is a lie. Violence in Western politics erupts frequently, but it comes from the left, not the … Continue reading Liberals Are Violent Sociopaths

Libertarians Don’t Have To Support Gay Marriage

The modern West is rife with moral degeneracy and decay. Statism seeks to encompass and dominate all aspects of economic life. Feminism continuously corrodes relationships between men and women, vilifying family life. And worst of all: Western nations murder millions of unborn babies annually. This is a war, folks. Not yet a shooting war, but … Continue reading Libertarians Don’t Have To Support Gay Marriage

Marine Le Pen And The “Far Right”

The results from the French election are in. Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron advance to the second round. Macron captured more votes than Le Pen however, and carries more momentum into the second round. Le Pen and the "Far Right" will still prove a formidable and tenacious adversary. The populist wave sweeping the West … Continue reading Marine Le Pen And The “Far Right”

Trump vs The Deep State

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Winston Churchill's renowned words come to mind when evaluating the performance of Trump. Love or hate him, Trump is an anomaly on the political scene. He came out of nowhere and … Continue reading Trump vs The Deep State

Trump’s First Big Mistake

Donald Trump just made his first huge mistake: escalating the conflict in Syria. For the millions of anti-war voters who supported him, this is a huge disappointment. Trump ran explicitly on an anti-war, America-first platform. He criticized many of the interventionist programs of the Obama and Bush Administrations, giving his supporters hope. Sadly, Trump unleashed … Continue reading Trump’s First Big Mistake

How Moral Relativism Is Destroying The West

Western culture produced the greatest progress and prosperity in world history. Rule of law, separation of church and state, the scientific method, the free market. All are historic achievements unique to Western Civilization. Western nations once proudly displayed the confidence of their superiority. Now however, moral relativism infects the US and Europe. The condition is … Continue reading How Moral Relativism Is Destroying The West

End State Education

Having a well-educated population is critical for any complex society, especially a free society. Children must learn not only useful skills and how to think, but also the value of maintaining a free society. It is our job to insure the value transmission of liberty and voluntarism to the next generation. Without such effort, those … Continue reading End State Education

The Federal Reserve: 100 Years of Hell

The past week marks the 103rd anniversary of President Woodrow Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act. The bill permanently established a central bank with enormous powers and influence. At the time, Americans were highly skeptical of such sweeping encroachments, so like thieves in the night, sponsors and designers of the new law met just days … Continue reading The Federal Reserve: 100 Years of Hell