Is Donald Trump Racist?

For all the criticism of Socialism and Bernie Sanders on this blog, some attention to the other side is warranted, notably Donald Trump.  Trump amassed a large following ever since the announcement of his candidacy and maintained a commanding lead in the polls.  The Super Tuesday results proved that Trump is not simply a fad candidate.  Trump has an unquestionable lead in delegate count and popular electoral support.  The closest candidate, Ted Cruz, has a mere 226 delegates compared to Trump’s 319.  Many political pundits and even potential voters themselves considered Trump’s run merely an attention seeking joke.  The political reality today shatters that viewpoint.  Trump is incredibly popular considering how polarizing he is.  America may indeed have to prepare for his presidency.  Why is he so popular?  Even some Democrats have pledged their support to vote Republican.  Trump is appealing to deep-seated anger among a wide coalition of voters.

Trump is a candidate riddled with flaws.  His unapologetic admittance of using the political system to advantage his business, his open support of eminent domain laws to seize private property, and his rather candid support of single payer health care are huge obstacles for a rational voter.  Trumps rather ambiguous stance on abortion and Planned Parenthood also present a problem, an issue that should not even be debatable, however in today’s insane world people actually think murdering babies is morally acceptable.  So where does Trump score big?  Despite these seemingly insurmountable weaknesses, Trump remains solid.  Trump’s popularity comes from his alpha male demeanor.  Voters are angry.  Furious in fact.  The country is on the verge of revolution.  Under the disastrous reign of Obama, America is more divided than ever.  Americans are sick of being ravaged by economic decay, unconfronted terrorism, and racist black supremacist political groups.  The political landscape is ripe for a strong man promising to govern with a tight fist.  The voters demand control.  They demand a bully.  Trump, an experienced media tycoon, certainly sees the mood of the country.

In desperate times, people are often willing to sacrifice their convictions for promises of security and stability.  Trump’s hardline stance on illegal immigration and Islamic terror resonates with many voters.  Even Ann Coulter seems to have compromised on her previous conservative beliefs largely because of Trump’s promise to deal with illegal immigration.  Here candidate Trump has merit.  Those skeptical of the superstitious fantasy of cultural diversity see Trump as their man.  Many Americans intuitively know the dangers of a culturally fractured society.  As much as libertarians like lax border restrictions such policies are simply not possible in a nation with a welfare state and such a unique history like America’s.  As previously noted, Hispanic immigrants generally favor a more socialistic direction of government and consume welfare programs at a far greater rate than the domestic population.  Trump supporters are very conscious of this fact.  How does the current situation benefit America? How does America become more free, more financially sound, and better for the next generation?  When a large group of people hostile to the Western ideal of limited government become voters, they carry such hostility to the voting booth.  The cultural differences comes from radically different cultural histories.  We are not the same.  This cannot be said enough.  People with a history of deification of state power–rather than skepticism–will not magically become supporters of laissez-faire government upon entering a Western nation.  This is of course speaking in generalities, but to deny basic and important differences among cultures is anti-rational.  The fact this even must be said plainly illustrates the death grip political correctness has on people’s minds.

One last point.  Diversity destroys the social trust of a culture.  It is well documented that diverse societies exhibit less social trust.  People living in diverse neighborhoods have less contact with their neighbors.  Further, when they have relationships with their neighbors, they report lower levels of trust, and less willingness to engage in their local communities.  Culturally homogenized neighborhoods on the other hand share common values, a common heritage, a common language, and a common philosophy.  The shared sense of identity translates into a more socially engaged group with a higher level of trust.  Diversity on its own is not a good to be desired.  The assimilation model during 19th century America proved much more sustainable, where other cultures could freely enter the nation, but accepted American values.  Donald Trump, and likely his supporters, may not even be aware of the data regarding eroding levels of trust brought from diversity.  Their skepticism of the politically correct worship of diversity however indicates some level of awareness.  The European migrant crisis may even contribute to the wide popularity of Trump.  In Europe right now, Muslim “refugees” wreak havoc on the domestic population.  Sexual assault crimes have exploded in Europe from the influx of Islamic migrants.  The feminists are right about rape culture, but wrong about where they point their fingers.  Trump is most certainly aware of these circumstances.

Is trump racist? Addressing distinct cultural differences or negative effects of diversity does not make one a racist.  In most cases today, “racist” is wielded like a battleaxe to discredit opposition to the narrative of the radical left.  Low intelligence people also fall into this category, unable to comprehend the intellectual arguments or honestly decipher data.  Trump however, is not a good candidate. He has an out of control ego and regularly lies when politically advantageous, similar to the current president.  Such personality flaws alone disqualify one as fit for presidency of the United States.


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