The War On Men

There is no such thing as the War on Women. There is no such thing as the patriarchy. Shocking statements, nonetheless.  Feminism has instructed generations of Americans that male dominance exploits and discriminated against pure, innocent women. The only method of fair rectification is massive state intervention uprooting arbitrary male authority.  After long oppressing women, men now must relinquish their excessive privilege.  Unfortunately, the gender-struggle narrative from the left is more than misinterpretation of truth: it is outright falsehood.  Rather than fighting for equality, feminists today demonize men and masculinity as a whole.

What do gender relations have to do with a Libertarian blog?  Quite a lot actually, especially since feminists and LGBT groups demand state sanctions against their political adversaries. The sociopaths in positions of state power who crave hierarchical dominion over their fellow citizens are all too happy to oblige.  The unholy union of feminist and LGBT groups combined with state authority leads to special favors at the expense of liberties at large. To those who demand more state power, men are the  enemy. Whether statists consciously understand or not, men lead the intellectual, moral, and physical resistance against arbitrary state tyranny.  Thinkers like John Locke, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin come to mind.  Their efforts would likely would have failed without the dedication of American revolutionaries to the cause of freedom; men willingly fought and died for limits on government authority.  The socialists, fascists, and statists surely understand the danger that unabashed masculinity poses to their parasitical feast on Western culture.

To expand the power of the state, society must hate and vilify masculinity.  First, what is masculinity?  What does it mean to be a man?  The core of this question: are men and women different? These are very important questions for modern culture.  The conclusions have the power to condemn and destroy or save and rejuvenate Western culture.  Part of the rational conclusion comes from science, and the other philosophy.  Science and philosophy both compliment each other, but unfortunately Western culture largely abandoned rational philosophy.  So are men and women different? The short answer is yes, very different. Not to say that one is better than the other, but both genders have strengths and weaknesses.  Femininity and masculinity evolved to compliment each other. A healthy, well-functioning society not only recognizes, but accepts the differences between men and women.

The most obvious differences between men and women are physical and biological.  Aside from the obvious genitalia differences, there are other undeniable physical differences.  Men have about 40% more muscle mass than women do.  The greater production of testosterone in men highly affects muscular growth and relative strength of the individual. The most striking differences are in IQ. Men hold greater representation at the extreme ends of the IQ spectrum, meaning there are more intellectually gifted men than women, but also more unintelligent men. Women cluster around the averages of the IQ scale rather than the extreme intelligent or extreme unintelligent like men.  Diseases and other health ailments even affect men and women differently.  Clear, measurable physical differences exist in men and women. Despite what egalitarian zealots claim, men and women are not equal.  Again, not that one gender commands superiority over the other, but men and women are not interchangeable Lego blocks that snap into place according to whimsical fantasies of politicians.

Logically, physical differences manifest themselves in other forms.  Men and women parent differently.  Fathers generally encourage more risk-taking and competition, while mothers encourage more precaution and cooperation. Free market tendencies arguably come from fathers’ encouragement to incur risk and compete until attaining victory.  Entrepreneurial investment itself brings enormous uncertainty and in some instances fierce competition.  In general, one would refrain from such productive economic actions without fatherly encouragement of risk and competition.  The protective instincts and danger perception of men showcases one of the most blatant differences between the genders.  Men traditionally are sent to war when conflicts arise between divergent groups. As a result, they developed a type of threat awareness and danger sensitivity outside of many women’s understanding. Why is there a migrant crisis in Europe?  Could the vilification of masculinity  possibly interfere with men’s ability to ward off predators (Muslim invaders)? Possibly….

Anti-male bigotry permeates the mind of the modern feminist.  Popular culture generally portrays men as bumbling buffoons, but women as refined and intelligent.  Fatherhood receives very little attention, while single mothers are portrayed as perfect angels, despite very clear evidence demonstrating single motherhood as a complete disaster for children. Maleness should not be suppressed or demeaned, but rather exalted and respected.  Western culture unravels at the seams today largely because of rampant sexism against masculinity.  Evidence even suggests that female middle school teachers grade boys lower and disperse favoritism to girls! What a disgrace.  At a young age the feminist narrative targets maleness. The entire American education system is designed strictly to service still, quiet, and compliant girls.  Boys generally learn better in more interactive, hands-on environments and are generally more energetic than girls.  Government schools treat these masculine differences as deficits, rather than adjusting to the needs of the student.

A second front against masculinity comes from the LGBT community.  At the core of the LGBT movement is a outright rejection of male and female nature.  A denial of objective truth.  As said before, one gender is not superior to the other.  Men and women compliment each other physically, psychologically, emotionally, and sexually.  Over thousands of years of evolution men and women both adapted to cultivate their specializations, each developing their own strengths and weaknesses.  The LGBT movement demands both genders to reject their own identity.  Further, they reject tens of thousands of years of the evolutionarily selected complimentary nature of masculinity and femininity: the ultimate purpose being a long term pair-bond for procreation. In order for this irrational movement to succeed it must disparage both genders, but masculinity bears the brunt.  The most recent transgender issues in the news show the anti-scientific minds of many of the LGBT supporters, where subjective and irrational feelings trump the empirical evidence of one’s gender.  Boys are not raised to be men. Many are raised by single moms, female teachers, and a society that generally displays utmost contempt for men. One need only to scroll through Facebook to see the supporters of completely idiotic concepts like raising “feminine boys.”  Boys are not women. Women cannot teach boys how to be men and to raise a boy like a woman is child abuse.  We need men. We need men to risk their fortunes though capital investment to rebuild our economies.  We need men to defend our borders from barbaric enemies abroad. We need men to challenge our tyrannical government and reclaim our liberties.  But most of all, we need men to be fathers for their sons.


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7 thoughts on “The War On Men

  1. I was going to actually write out a well thought comment but then i realised, you haven’t got a clue! You are a perfect example of why we have feminist movements


    1. I’m sorry, but that’s not an argument. This is a well-researched article so saying “I don’t have a clue” is simply not contributing to the discussion in any means.


  2. Thanks , I have just been searching for information approximately this topic for a long time and yours is the best I have came upon till now. However, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you positive in regards to the supply?


    1. Sorry for the late response. I just noticed that several comments were moved to my spam filter. To the supply of men in our current society? I unfortunately do not see hostility to masculinity waning anytime soon. I see society being deficient of real men for the foreseeable future. My hope is that sources like this blog and others like it will lead to some positive change.


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