Islamic Terror in Orlando

As many in the nation know, a horrible tragedy struck Orlando a few days ago.  A Muslim zealot who pledged allegiance to ISIS attacked a popular gay bar, killing at least 50 people and wounding many more. This attack ranks as one of the worst shootings in US history. An outraged public calls for immediate government intervention, most however propose illogical and irrational solutions, failing to even acknowledge the source of the problem. The shooter subscribed to a guiding set of beliefs motivating him to act in a specific manner. Compounding the malignant intentions of the assailant, Omar Mateen, the bar happened to be a gun free zone. Mateen knew that a disarmed crowd was an absolute certainty. Why did this happen? What can be done? Every day Americans themselves can do very little, except speak the truth, no matter how unpopular it makes one with the unthinking masses. Given that this incident will undoubtedly reinvigorate talks of gun bans and pathetic apologizing for extremist Islamic beliefs, a libertarian perspective is necessary.

The gay lobby is no ally to liberty. Political homosexuality as a whole leans to the left, supporting such fascist tyranny as limits on free speech and expression of religion from their adversaries. There are a number of gays who lean Republican and Libertarian, but most generally lean left. Despite their generally political tendencies, the gay community would greatly benefit from an expansion of liberty, rather than a contraction in the form of more gun laws. Even if, however, armed patrons retaliated and subdued the attacker people may have unnecessarily died. Excessive gun laws merely catalyzed the catastrophe. ISIS took credit for the attack. Whether or not Mateen received directives from ISIS remains to be seen. What is absolutely clear: Mateen’s Muslim faith motivated him to initiate these attacks. That may be a politically incorrect stance, and even seem as a hateful stance. The left endlessly proclaims the peaceful nature of Islam, denouncing anyone who criticizes it as a bigot. The intellectual dishonesty and feeble-mindedness to maintain such mental gymnastics will be shown.

Firstly, Islam is not a race. It is not a biologically transmitted attribute. Further, Islam is  not even a religion. It is a way of life, a culture. Islam is an all-encompassing ideology with broad guidelines. Much like Communism, Islam professes the supremacy of its adherents and continuous international expansion through conquest. There are many peaceful Muslims around the world, but the ideology as a whole preaches violence and terror against non-believers. Islamic fundamentalism is a huge problem. Unlike Christianity, Islam never underwent a Reformation or reform period to modernize and reject violent tendencies. Islam today presents to the world the greatest threat to human flourishing since the Soviet Union. Without a modernization phase, Islam is just as barbaric today as it was in the 8th century. Reformations however are extremely difficult in Islam since the commands of Allah and Mohammad are seen as unchanging and eternal. Moderate Muslims are often viewed as borderline apostates, collaborators with infidels. How can Islam become more civil when strict adherents treat reformers with such scorn?

Cheery picking versus from the Koran to highlight Islamic backwardness is unnecessary. One need only to observe the actions and beliefs of current Muslims to arrive at a rational conclusion. Muslims commit much more crime when compared to native Europeans and North Americans.  A simple observation of the radical increases of rapes in Sweden and Germany plainly shows this.  Further, a shocking number of American Muslims support the supremacy of sharia law and employing violence against those who disparage Islam. Islam is the problem. The Cold War with the Soviet Union is over. The world is no longer threatened with global, nuclear war.However, complacency and relative comfort after the collapse of Communism only allowed for a resurgence of Islamic expansion. Like Communism, Islam calls for continuous domination of those who refuse to conform. Like Communism, Islam demands violence against those who resist.

The attack in Orlando has nothing to do with gun control. More gun control would have utterly failed, as the gay bar was already a gun free zone. A Muslim or not, psycho killers who plan on mass murder purposefully attack the weak and vulnerable. The majority of recent mass shootings have in fact occurred in gun free zones. Of course a deranged lunatic intent on killing a multitude of people knows the chances of retaliation in a gun free zone: zero. Gun laws would not have stopped an individual highly motivated to inflict harm, especially one fueled with religious fervor. Remember, the Muslim Boston Marathon bombers killed many people with bombs made from pressure cookers. Because of political correctness and cowardice, many in our society simply ignore truth. Pointing out problems with some elements of Islam mostly leads to insults and accusations of racism rather than actual critical thinking and evaluation of facts.

There is no easy answer. Islam, as it stands today, is a massive problem for civilization. The values that Western culture took thousands of years to build–tolerance, separation of church and state, equality for women, religious freedom, freedom of speech–oppose medieval savagery. There are many moderate Muslims who enjoy Western life and understand themselves firsthand the dangers of fundamentalist Islam. These Muslims came to the West seeking refuge from the bellicose nature of their homelands. The greatest disservice to these moderate Muslims would be to appease and discount the brutal aspects of fundamentalist Islam.


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