An Honest Conversation About Race

After recent incidents involving police shootings of black men, protests erupted across the nation. Two different scenarios ended with police shooting and killing black suspects. Since the facts of both cases have not fully developed, taking sides would be irresponsible. Videos were filed in both cases however and seemingly display gross misuse of police authority. To the mass media and the average observer, police look like negligent butchers. Reacting to these videos and knee jerk news reporting, the borderline terrorist group Black Lives Matter seized the day. Protesters organized almost immediately. Whether the police rightfully employed deadly force remains to be seen. As the cases progress more facts of the circumstances will undoubtedly arise. However, the bubbling racial conflict between blacks and whites geysers to national attention virtually anytime white officers kill a black suspect.  I will not comment on these particular cases, but rather on the racial atmosphere as a whole.  An honest conversation about race is necessary.

As noted above, this post will refrain from commenting about the recent police shootings, as the facts of the case remain to be seen. However, the broader issue of law enforcement reactions to criminality will be spoken on. Media elites and cultural Marxists ignore the truth about racial tensions either because it refutes their narrative or they fear backlash to politically inconvenient facts. Blacks are not angels. They are people. And like other people, they are capable of dysfunction. American policing merely reacts to crimes already committed. There is some deterrent effect, of course, but police generally apprehend suspects after a criminal action instead of preventing crime in the first place. This may sound shocking, but in regards to criminality the races are not equal. The numbers to corroborate that statement are rather shocking, but the black community deserves the truth for the sake of improvement.

Why do police arrest or shoot more blacks? Are police racist? Do they relish opportunities to oppress and harass black men? Or is there another reason? The liberal intellectual blinders encourage onlookers to scream, “RACISM!” That conveniently allows feeble-minded prejudicial individuals to dismiss uncomfortable information that nullifies the victimhood narrative. After examining crime numbers and statistics, the truth is hard to deny: blacks commit more crime. Police arrest records very closely match data from the National Crime Victimization Survey, an extensive study of over 100,000 people interviewed for their experience as crime victims. One can only imagine the stupidity of police arresting a black man when victims clearly report the perpetrator as white. Victims want restitution for their suffering, especially in cases of violent crime. Even the most virulent anti-black racist would demand police apprehend the proper offender, least the crime go unpunished. The differences in violent crime are staggering, especially in large cities. According to data most recently available, in New York City blacks committed over 60% of murders, in Chicago 70%, and in St Louis 94%! When examining other large American cities one would find similar data. In regards to violent crime, blacks are not victims; they are the transgressors. Further, blacks are incarcerated at 6.3 times the rate of whites for violent criminal offenses. Similar to the victim reporting of race, incarceration rates closely match the arrest rates, leaving little room for accusations of systemic bias.

There is significant dysfunction in the modern black community. There is higher criminality, single motherhood, drug use, and poverty. Why? Is it because whites are just such bigoted racists? The typical anti-thinking liberal would say so. The truth easily dismisses the rather boring and predictable accusations of white racism. In order for the typical social justice warrior’s brain to function properly, Jews and Asians must be invisible in white society. Asians commit fewer crimes than whites, earn more money, exhibit less social dysfunction.  Jews fair even better, earning the most income of any group. If whites were such racists, would one expect non-white groups to outperform whites in a majority white culture? This would not be the case. Blacks suffer not because of whites, but because of themselves. Slavery is no longer an excuse. Not to mention white culture was the only culture in human history with the intestinal fortitude to embark on a moral crusade pursuing abolition of slavery. Slavery existed in every culture, but only whites ended it. By and large, whites take responsibility for their actions in the moral evil that is slavery and even fought a Civil War over it. Self-reflection and moral agency empowers a people, enabling them to conquer any obstacle. White culture in general reflects on its history and changes course to right wrongs of the past. Black culture needs to similarly examine itself.

Self righteous white liberals love to cast the victimhood narrative on to blacks. “Whites are racist; there is nothing you can do to succeed in such a racist society!” What a unbelievably racist statement. In their moral posturing and self-congratulatory virtue signaling, white liberals strip American blacks of their moral agency, their independence. Imagine a black child growing up constantly propagandized to see whites as racist oppressors. How hard will that child work if whites merely keep him down? How much ambition will he have after being told repeatedly that racism stands in front of his success? How much will he care about his community after being told that those around him hate him? This projection on to the black community profoundly negatively affects them! The social justice warriors are the racists, infantilizing an entire group of people, stripping away their moral agency and autonomy. Blacks are rarely told to take responsibility for their actions and own their consequences. Blacks are people just like whites and in the spirit of substantive equality deserve just as high expectations and just as much personal responsibility. To view them as deterministic robots like the social justice warrior leftists is the most racist perception of all.



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