Anatomy of A Social Justice Warrior

Western Culture increasingly comes under attack these days. The aggressor gathering in strength and numbers largely comes from the home front, the Social Justice Warrior (SJW). An excellent book on the nature of social justice warriors and how to defend against them comes from Vox Day, SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down The Thought PoliceWe all know at least one and may even have had extremely negative experiences with them. Saying or doing anything outside the politically correct narrative will trigger a highly emotional response of utmost vitriol from a social justice warrior. The goal is to police original thought and suppress any attempts to exercise individuality. Social justice is one of the most pressing enemies against human liberty, threatening a return to the Dark Ages.

A social justice warrior is a peculiar character. They completely and utterly disdain their own culture. Lockean and Jeffersonian concepts of individual liberation from centralized coercion are completely alien to them. Western Culture, specifically American culture, stands firmly against everything an SJW believes. This is why SJWs have a special hatred in their heart for American culture. As far as history can support, America was the first nation ever to found itself upon philosophical principles, rather than arbitrary military might and political force. The unrepentant abuse from the British crown led to a violent revolution, where America founded a state explicitly designed to enshrine individual liberty. To an SJW, this is abhorrent. Their goal is not to enshrine individual rights, but an all encompassing social narrative. Given that American culture has at it roots a rebellious nature, SJWs hope to use the power and authority of the state to force compliance to their religious commitment to irrationality and superstition.

Most politicians assault the economic liberties American citizens. High taxes, numerous business regulations, and political patronage. A clear example of sociopathic greed and extortion, political parasites however are contented with merely dominion over the producers’ resources. An SJW wants even still further dominion over people. While they applaud central economic planning, it is not enough to satisfy their voracious lust for social domineering. Social justice warriors demand complete and total control. Speech control, press control, thought control, and the power to quickly dispatch anyone who questions their ever-changing narrative. From innocent jokes about women to accurately reporting racial disparities in IQ, social justice warriors virulently attack anyone who dissents and expresses free thought.

The social justice warrior is by nature totalitarian. They seek total control of every aspect of society. They have more in common with Stalinism and Maoism than they do with American culture. SJWs demand a cultural revolution, not unlike the Marxist revolutions in Russia and China. Every individual must conform; there is a zero tolerance policy for even questioning the narrative. Questioning policies like those that prohibit men from entering women’s bathrooms will unleash the SJW hatred for original thinkers. Never mind pointing out the fact that feminists generations ago would be astonished and appalled that men are now allowed to enter women’s bathrooms. Although feminism is part of the SJW narrative, this instance only illustrates the ever-evolving irrationality of their thought control edifice.

Their totalitarian attributes and their cocaine-like addiction to domination leads SJWs to despise American traditions of free speech and rational discourse. To anyone who bothers to observe, the modern university system perfectly demonstrates what an SJW future would look like. Far from havens for learning, American universities are cesspools of SJW lunacy. The recent episode at the University of Missouri shows what a complete joke higher education has now become. Rather than vigorous academic challenges and robust mental challenges, college campuses now protect students with “safe spaces” . Colleges are rife with SJW propaganda and are openly hostile to any free thinking individual. The goal is no longer discovery and dissemination of truth, but of churning out as many unthinking idiots who embrace a culture of cowardly conformity.

To cover up their plainly apparent wickedness, social justice warriors must claim some sort of moral superiority for legitimization. This is why imaginary and unprovable enemies like institutional racism and sexism motivate social justice warriors. Such moral goals however, are rather ironic for an SJW to have. With their deep devotion to conformity and unoriginality, is there any chance that an SJW would have opposed racism in abolitionist-era America? Group-thinking individuals reluctant to disrupt and agitate are not the ones who advance moral progress. SJWs are essentially self-righteous pathetic cowards, demanding moral credit for battles fought and won by their moral betters. There is no doubt that social justice warriors today would not have opposed slavery in the 19th century when doing so could have gotten one killed. The fact that SJWs vociferously oppose racism–something literally no one today supports–casts a large shadow on their moral integrity.

The social justice warrior is a despicable person. Their success means the end of a great American tradition of free and open expression of ideas. SJWs crave the boringness of uniformity and relative predictability. They attempt to silence anyone who strays from what libertarian thinker Tom Woods calls the index card of allowable opinion. The SJW world of safe spaces and opprobriously enforced narratives would be one of total stagnation. Social justice warriors desecrate the pillars of Western civilization found in no other culture, namely the free expression of thought. These vermin should be resisted at every opportunity before they destroy the liberties here enjoyed by no other human society.


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