Debate Fallout

The debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton highlight exactly why so many Americans are enamored with Populist outrage. The establishment media is clearly on the side of Hillary, unquestionably so. Donald Trump represents a threat to the status quo. The debates very clearly illustrated who the establishment favors. Trump not only had to debate Hillary, but also the media shill who moderated the debates, Lester Holt. The questions asked manipulated the entire debate into a Trump-dumping session, covering for Hillary’s blatantly obvious corruption.

Lester Holt interrupted Trump several times to derail his performance and meanwhile rolled over completely for Hillary. While focusing on complete non-issues, like birtherism and Trump’s tax returns, Holt did not even challenge Hillary on her email scandals, Clinton Foundation corruption, or her inept record as Secretary of State. Trump held his own against Hillary, but held back on several opportunities to exploit her weaknesses; she is an incredibly flawed candidate, much mores so than Trump. Despite Hillary’s help from Holt, she still appeared very polished and artificial, especially with her demonic looking smile while Trump spoke. Trump was on defense the entire debate, but still came off as more genuine, especially on the economic issues.

Trump really shined in this part of the debate. The average American intuitively knows the economy is terrible. Full time employment is at a near 40 year low. The Obama “recovery” is the worst recovery ever. All the fundamentals indicate recession. Trump articulates what many voters are currently experiencing. Hillary can only run on the false pretense of Obama’s success. Trump only needs to point out the inherent flaws in the US economy since Hillary is running on Obama’s coattails.

One notable fallacy that repeatedly comes up from the left is the philosophical misunderstanding of tax policy. Hillary regurgitated the leftist lie that higher taxes on the rich creates jobs and grows the economy. Firstly, government cannot create jobs. It cannot create anything. Government can only redistribute currently existing resources. Since government’s revenue comes from taxation, it is immune from profit and loss.These essential market signals prohibit government from knowing what consumers actually want and lead to obscene levels of waste. Bound by economic laws, the market creates productive jobs that lead to more goods and services, raising the standard of living. Government consumes and squanders scarce economic resources. Trump very clearly made this point in the debate.

The system was clearly against him, but if Trump continues to push the economic message and resist politically correct pandering, he may stand a chance at wining. Hillary is not to be underestimated, however. She very clearly lost the primary to Bernie Sanders, but cheated her way to the top. She personifies everything wrong with American politics. She is despicable, corrupt, untruthful, and will stop at nothing to gain power. She craves lordship over the nation and will grossly abuse the office to her own benefit, as she has every other venture in her life. Trump is not perfect, of course, but Hillary must be stopped.


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