Choose Free Speech

Forces of darkness assault every pillar of Western civilization. Free speech is not immune to these attacks. Speaking one’s mind, especially when opposing the prejudices of the idiot masses, is becoming increasingly dangerous. Such conditions are more obvious in Europe, but also are taking hold in the US. Further, power-craving sociopaths in government are all too willing to silence dissent at the behest of social justice warriors and anti-thinking immigrant cultures. The great tradition of the West, centuries in the making, of rational political discourse and criticism of arbitrary state authority hangs in the balance.

Western culture, America specifically, is unique in its reverence for freedom of speech. All throughout history those who criticized government institutions were imprisoned or killed. Criticizing the pharaohs of Egypt, the emperors of Rome, or the sultans of the Middle East resulted in a slew of terrible outcomes: torture, imprisonment, or death. Even Greece, often considered the more rational of societies, murdered Socrates for his revolutionary free thinking. Western rulers of course exerted such barbaric dominance over their subjects, but as more time passed limitations on government authority expanded. These limitations eventually peaked after the American Revolution, where a society explicitly enshrined in their Constitution protection for unpopular political speech. No other society in human history achieved such philosophical sophistication.

We now stand to lose it all, assaulted by two fronts: the SJWs and 3rd world immigrants. The political left in their blind worship of government, detests free thinkers and those who blaze their own trail. The anti-thinking SJW cesspool of the modern university system perfectly shows the left’s hostility to free speech. The average university liberal is a feckless and unoriginal coward, constantly seeking shelter from ideas that shatter their biases. College SJWs not only openly oppose opinions juxtaposed to theirs, but want them silenced. With young people encourage more than ever to attain college education, swaths of Americans are exposed to the irrational toxicity of leftist hostility to critical thinking. After 12 years of indoctrination in government schools and four to five years of conformity training in college, the coming generations cannot think and thus cannot find value in free speech.

Western governments have exploited the mass of unthinking idiots who dominate modern political discourse. In the fashion of 3rd world thuggery, President Obama uses the full power of the federal government to shut people up, prosecuting critics more than any other president in US history. In addition to prosecuting whistleblowers and critical journalists, Obama’s government ramped up illegal NSA spying programs where every citizen is constantly under surveillance. The situation is even more dire in Europe. In European nations, seemingly innocent critics of immigration policies are outright jailed and onerously fined. Many European nations also support massive surveillance states that monitor their citizens’ every moves. The SJWs in Europe wield so much power that anything perceived as hate speech–a code word for opinions that frighten the unintelligent and feeble minded–can lead to virulent state hostility.

Leftist social justice warriors attack free speech from within, while irrational migrant cultures assist them. The migrant crisis lead to a wave of immigrants into Western nations. Many of the immigrants come from cultures vastly different from ours. Moronic platitudes of “diversity is our strength” will not solve any cultural compatibility issues either. Many migrants come from Muslim dominated regions of North Africa and the Middle East. Unfortunately for the West, Islam has no long-standing tradition of free speech. Islam in fact commands their followers to kill deniers of their faith. Rather than liberty seeking entrepreneurs, the West is allowing a wave of backward savages to impose 12th century ideas. The West saw what can happen during the Charlie Hebdo attack, where Muslim aggressors killed employees of the satirical French magazine for making fun of Islam.

Muslims expect Western society to bend over backwards to accommodate to their irrational beliefs and incompatible views on speech. The Islamic migrants are coming from nations that literally execute critics of their religion. How can immigrants with such opposing and downright barbaric beliefs add value to nations historically valuing free speech and critical thinking? They cannot. Such cultural differences only lead to more social conflict and greater erosion of remaining free speech rights. Islam represents an even greater threat than the SJWs within Western culture. It is much more militant and more willing to violently impose itself upon host nations. The Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump is the beginning of much needed backlash to preserve the rare blessing of liberty that Western nations enjoy.

The West faces a choice. Cave to the SJWs and Islamic migrants, or salvage its unique freedoms of speech. Both cannot exist together; they are mutually exclusive and diametrically opposed to each other. The pathetic self-hating leftists will undoubtedly continue their cultural suicide, but cannot be allowed to squander the beautifully free society we enjoy today. It is no accident that Western nations possess the highest standard of living while the rest of the world is plagued with famine, war, and poverty. The West’s success stems from its foundational respect for free speech. The freedom to speak is the freedom to think. The freedom to think leads to questioning the status quo, innovation, and progress. The West cannot allow the regressive SJWs and uncivilized outsiders to smother the flame of liberty.


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