We’re All In This Together?

It is a common saying among the citizenry of a democracy: We’re all in this together! Each side may intensely compete during an election phase, but afterwards the nation unifies to achieve the common good, right? Political disagreements are in fact just that, political disagreements. At the end of the day, fellow Americans can come together agreeing upon common principles and values, right? Americans should not let politics polarize and divide them, right? Wrong. This simple phrase is loaded with both implicit and explicit denials of reality, denials that to some degree castrate effective opposition to the narrative of the socialist  American Left.

We are not all in this together. The explicit denial of reality is that radically opposite ideologies or motivations can coexist in harmony. A blatant falsehood. In a democracy, can a socialist and a libertarian live together in peace? Is it possible to disagree politically, but still “be in it together” and achieve the same goals? It is not. The socialist and the libertarian both have polar opposite goals. Given that the Democratic party increasingly accepts socialism, even mainstream Democrats are less reasonable. The socialist wishes to impose his ideal view upon society. The ideal view–perfect utoptian equality and redistribution of resources–requires a violent coercive central government to expropriate wealth from the efficient productive class. Given that man is by nature unequal, a wealth-sucking government at the behest of socialist sociopaths is necessary to impose the dream of Marx. Anyone with objective standards of morality or economic literacy cannot and will not ever ally themselves with a socialist. Many, especially millennials, pursue this agenda, leading to enmity against those favoring liberty and universal morality.

This is one example of many. Society is rife with win-lose competitive interests. If the socialist wins, the libertarian, the businessman, the landowner, the investor, and the entrepreneur lose. And lose spectacularly. If the single mom on welfare voting for Hillary gets her way, then the responsible married woman loses. Because of the inevitable tax increases, she and her husband have less resources for their own children. If the immigrant votes for more welfare and wins, then the productive class bearing the already monstrous tax burden loses. If the takers have their way, then the makers lose. We are not all in this together. There are people in the US who lack empathy and live at the expense of others. Then there are those who subscribe to evil philosophies such as socialism and collectivism, whose definition of success demands misery of millions.

The very nature of democracy ensures this viciously polarizing competition. This is the implicit denial of reality. In a politically and culturally fragmented nation like the US, each group fights for control of the state. Akin to the Ring of Power, the state enables one group to exert dominance and impose their will upon those unfortunate enough to lose an election.Holding monopoly privilege of defining legality and legitimate use of force, government offers unscrupulous individuals a unique opportunity. A socialist Democrat cannot increase taxes, redistribute wealth, and imprison those who criticize him as a pastor, or chief of medicine, or even as CEO of Walmart. But he can as Senator, Congressman,  or President. The ravenous lust for political power ensures that we are not all in this together. Human nature is good, but easily corruptible. The immense power up for grabs in government attracts the most degenerate and least fit of society. Does anyone doubt for a second the anti-white racist tyranny that would proceed from the state should Black Lives Matter or La Raza win the presidency? It is increasingly likely today that one group’s definition of success is another group’s definition of catastrophe.

Standing on principles and virtue instantly puts one on a collision course with the majority of the country. Adhering to the non-aggression principle and voluntary association ultimately leads to very little mutual agreement. Evildoers and those who profit from the spoils will always side against such values. As libertarians, we are not all in this together and are very often subjected to the irrationalities or vindictiveness of those who “won the election.” The values of others all too often deny property rights, equal treatment under the law, civil liberties, and human dignity. It is not time to unite, but to proudly stand against the tidal wave of state worshiping barbarians and plant a flag.


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