A Libertarian Case For Trump

The fate of the Republic hangs in the balance. If the wrong candidate wins the presidential election, the scope of the nation will be permanently transformed, politically and culturally. While Trump is not the ideal liberty pursuing candidate, he is the only candidate in recent political history who openly campaigns to preserve the disintegrating American culture. American culture, a unique aspect of Western Culture, is being diluted. Third world immigration is destroying the nation both economically and culturally. Trump is the only politician in decades to offer stricter immigration policies to repulse the overwhelming horde.

Culture defines a nation. A people’s values, norms, and practices all come from culture. Unfortunately not all cultures are equal. In fact, some cultures are downright barbaric and evil. At one time in history, Americans fully understood the unprecedented gift they inherited from their forefathers. Universal ethics. Property rights. Rule of law. Separation of church and state. Free speech. Innocence until proven guilt. These are just a few attributes of Western culture found nowhere else. Not in any African nation. Not in the Middle East. And not Mexico. Western nations did not generate so much wealth and success by magical accident. It directly follows the from the aforementioned values.

Those in the third world want what the West has. They want the wealth, the power, and the higher standards of living. Denied opportunities in their homelands, they come to Western nations. Most third world migrants however, lack any understanding of how the West achieved so much prosperity and bring their failed regressive cultures with them. When they participate in elections, they overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Essentially a conduit for Marxism, the Democratic party emphatically supports open borders and harvests the votes of socialistic minded immigrants. Third world migrants have no cultural history of property rights, limited government, and civil liberties. Their voting patterns prove that. Wedded to the irrational and evil doctrines of socialism, Democrats abandoned Western culture in favor of capturing a voting demographic.

Donald Trump fully understands the stakes. If America continues importing cultures with no respect for Western values the nation changes for the worse. Despite what social justice warriors or impotent Democrats say, immigrants do not have a right to live in the US. They are not entitled to the American Dream. As proponents of the non-aggression principle, libertarians above all must understand the consequences. These particular immigrants overwhelmingly support the welfare state, redistribution programs, government management of the economy, and vote accordingly. They will vote to initiate force against the native population; therefore a vote for immigration restrictions is merely an act of self-defense. A vote for Trump prevents the permanent transformation of the United States. Once the immigrants arrive they will not leave, allowing perpetual Democrat electoral victory.

The Democrats lost the intellectual battle for their cause. As the ugly truths of Soviet Communism gradually revealed the horrors of socialism, Democrats had an insurmountable task. Americans rejected the arguments for socialism. In their Luciferian power-lust, Democrats turned to the importation of a voting base: socialistic minded immigrants. Most immigrants from the third world support state manipulation of the economy and state planning of society, necessary presuppositions for an expansionist government. These people support what has been the status quo of human societies for thousands of years: subjugation of the citizenry to the arbitrary will of state bureaucrats. Unsurprisingly their home nations are a complete disaster with such beliefs. A nation like America valuing and protecting individual liberty never existed in the history of the world. Whether taxes will increase or decrease is a relatively trivial matter compared to the cultural consequences of this election. The cultural shifts will determine America’s path for the next 100 years. A vote for Trump is a vote to preserve the values and rights our forefathers died for. A vote for Trump saves the West.


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