Trump Wins!

The US presidential election is over. After the dust settled, Donald Trump was the very clear and undisputed winner. The Republicans won the presidency, but retained control of the house and Senate. The unabashedly corrupt and evil Clintons will not return to the White House. What does this mean for the country and for liberty? Quite honestly, the future looks bright, but still uncertain. Trump no doubt deserves thanks for single-handedly destroying the candidacy of two dynasties: Bush and Clinton. The country can now comfortably progress to new thinking and new ideas, rather than the stale central planning wrought from both those administrations. Surely a positive. Trump also completely repudiated the DNC propaganda shills in the mainstream media. A lot of good has come from this election, but what is next?

Trump steamrolled right through political correctness and SJW leftism. The lying media was proven impotent. Finally, an alpha candidate unafraid of mean words from leftist zealots, trudged forward. They called him racist. They called him xenophobic. They called him a bigot. Rather than self-detonating and apologizing, Trump doubled down and fought back. The media was shown to be paper tigers, constructing poor arguments and lacking any credible evidence for their claims. Trump is no philosophical libertarian, but managed to break the media’s monopoly strangle hold on information. Millions of Americans tuned out the major networks and instead flocked to Twitter, Breitbart, and other alternative sources. Largely a source of lies and disinformation, the destruction of the mainstream media enormously helps the liberty movement. Thank Trump.

Immigration. If Trump does what he promised, America will change for the better for the next foreseeable decades. Many libertarians are proponents of open borders and support the free movement of people. However, they fail to see the cultural consequences of allowing millions of third world migrants with no philosophical tradition of limited government into the US. Mexico is a complete disaster for a reason. The culture is toxic. Third world cultures have no significant history of free speech, separation of church and state, the free market, and rule of law. They will become voters and influence the outcomes of our elections. Trump is no libertarian, but completely understands the consequences of limitless immigration. An influx of immigrants who vote for the left reduces liberty for all Americans.

Trump may not philosophically understand the non-aggression principle, or have studied Mises or Rothbard, but he completely understands the importance of Western culture. Self-righteous, virtue signaling leftists lose a lot of their cultural authority with a Trump election. For better or worse, most people live based on culture rather than reason and rationality. To proceed into a freer society, the left must lose their moral authority. Trump is just the start of that erosion. Millions of Americans tuned out the leftist pejoratives of “racist”, “sexist”, “bigot”, and chose Trump. These cowardly insults is how the left shuts down debate and dominates the culture. Every freedom loving American, even libertarians, have Trump to thank for breaking down the thought police wall of the left.


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