The Truth About Thanksgiving

Most Americans have a narrative of Thanksgiving taught to them at an early age. Young children learn about the first Thanksgiving. They learn about the struggles of the Pilgrims, assisted by compassionate Indians. We learn that the greedy and land-hungry colonists exhausted their resources, nearly starving to death, until the Indians saved the day. We are taught that colonists never would have survived without the assistance of Indians, who were ungratefully repaid with continued colonial expansion and conquest. None of this is true.

What is the true story? In 1620, English colonists arrived at Plymouth. They left England in hopes of beginning a new life, escaping the religious strife of their homeland. Life however, in America was rough. With limited supplies and little food to last the harsh North American winter, half the colonists starved to death. An utter catastrophe. How did the colony suffer so greatly? What went wrong? The answer is rather difficult to find. Mainstream history teaches that poor harvests and the arbitrary whims of nature subjected the Pilgrims to famine. In other words, mere bad luck.

The true story is more of an economic origin. Why is the truth so hard to find? Because the truth directly contradicts and refutes what the left stands for today. Originally, the Pilgrims experimented with socialism. The colonists left England for simply religious liberty. They still nurtured their collectivist European tendencies: communal sharing of resources, limited property rights, and a sense of sacrificing the individual for the “common good.” These toxic concepts, very much religious tenets of the left, greatly influenced how the Pilgrims structured their colony. What they produced was stored in a common stock for all to draw upon. This system was not explicitly called “socialism”, but was economically identical. Colonists were not to own private property, as goods and services were collectivized.

The inevitable failures of centralized economics resulted. Possibly the most destructive side effect of socialism plagued the fledgling colony, the incentive problem. With all the “profits” of production socialized among all the colonists, industriousness and hard work proved to be a sucker’s game. Since products were distributed equally, the lazy and slothful benefited enormously at the expense of the hard-working. Producing extra was thus economically discouraged. The backward economic organization gradually infected the work ethic of all colonists, institutionalizing idleness. Unfortunately dozens of colonists died before any significant changes were made.

The colonial governor, William Bradford, took action. Fully realizing the dire circumstances, Bradford thought outside the historical box of collectivism. He allowed private ownership of land and the colonists to personally keep what they themselves produced. The results were astounding. To eliminate the incentive problem of socialism, Bradford’s rudimentary property rights directly rewarded colonists who produced more and worked harder. The extra production lead to a bounteous harvest where colonists had enough to trade amongst themselves. The starvation was no natural accident and the success was not primarily because of Indian aid. Socialism caused the famine and free enterprise saved the crippled colony.

The true story of Thanksgiving is purposefully hidden. A socialist school system and a state worshiping media will never tell the truth about the nature of collectivism. History is riddled with examples of abject failure of socialism, and yet nearly half of Americans demand it. The majority of Democrats and even many Republicans vote for pockets of socialism in the economy. No wonder that the true record of Thanksgiving is unknown. The more people understand the record of redistribution of wealth, the more resistant they become to creeping socialism. Any friend of liberty and progress has an obligation to speak the truth. The propagandists of the state must not be allowed to triumph.


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One thought on “The Truth About Thanksgiving

  1. Hey! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate!
    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks
    for sharing!


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