The Federal Reserve: 100 Years of Hell

The past week marks the 103rd anniversary of President Woodrow Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act. The bill permanently established a central bank with enormous powers and influence. At the time, Americans were highly skeptical of such sweeping encroachments, so like thieves in the night, sponsors and designers of the new law met just days … Continue reading The Federal Reserve: 100 Years of Hell


The Source of Materialism

Anti-capitalist sources constantly berate commercial aspects of society as materialistic and greedy. We hear this message especially during the holidays. As early as Thanksgiving day businesses push their Black Friday ads to make quick bucks on Christmas shoppers. How materialistic our society is! Is it true that "capitalist America" is primarily concerned with profits? Do private companies brainwash … Continue reading The Source of Materialism

Election Aftermath

The recent election signaled a swing in the pendulum. Collectivism and the left suffered a huge blow. Soon the Congress, the White House, and likely the Supreme Court will tip the balance of power. This is cause for celebration, right? Trump is no philosophical capitalist, but he is not nearly as sinister as Hillary. Things could … Continue reading Election Aftermath