Election Aftermath

The recent election signaled a swing in the pendulum. Collectivism and the left suffered a huge blow. Soon the Congress, the White House, and likely the Supreme Court will tip the balance of power. This is cause for celebration, right? Trump is no philosophical capitalist, but he is not nearly as sinister as Hillary. Things could be much worse. The nation can breathe easy knowing that another committed leftist will not be able to solidify the failed statist policies of Obama. The election however can only take us so far. There is a massive culture war that exerts far greater influence on the future of America.

The battle in front of us is for the very soul of Western culture. As a nationalist, Donald Trump poses a threat to the entire power structure of the United States. Libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, and voluntarists should express gratitude to Trump just for that. The left however still holds near total dominion in all other aspects of American culture. Unlike those on the right, the left very smartly won cultural victories that proved to pay dividends in the long run. The left holds complete control of the schools, the media, academia, and many positions of corporate power. They will fiercely resist everything Trump tries to accomplish.

The right historically disengaged itself from cultural battles. A critical mistake. Leftist elites hedged their bets on taking control of the schools and entertainment. They knew they lacked the truth and could not win supporters with debate and argument. The solution was to indoctrinate the youth. As older resistant generations died off, the left would prevail simply through their strength in numbers. America, along with the rest of the West, is prisoner to the leftist politically correct narrative. Statism, the worship of government, has replaced the traditional religiosity of the dying off Old Country.

We must win hearts and minds to even have a chance in the future. Unfortunately, voluntarists and libertarians must make their arguments to propagandized laymen who often lack any critical thinking capacity thanks to twelve years in government schools. Despite this, people crave authenticity in their lives. They crave truth. The election of Donald Trump proves that. Voters rejected all the unfounded lies from the media, the college professors, and the parasite political class. Thanks to the relative free flow of information from the internet, one can bypass completely once-powerful gatekeepers. Momentum momentarily sides with us. While the internet is still free small government minded groups need to exploit that advantage.

The election is over, but keep up the pressure. There is already significant pushback. Students across college campuses are resisting the totalitarian leftist social justice narrative. Liberalism progressively displays its logical conclusion: fascism. Free thinking individuals are starting to wake up. The mainstream media viewership is cratering as news seekers flock to the internet. With the election of Trump, the pushback will only accelerate. Now is not the time to become complacent in victory, but to double down and finish the job. Libertarians, voluntarists, conservatives, and all lovers of freedom should celebrate, but remain vigilant and active. The left never gives up, so neither should we.

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