End State Education

Having a well-educated population is critical for any complex society, especially a free society. Children must learn not only useful skills and how to think, but also the value of maintaining a free society. It is our job to insure the value transmission of liberty and voluntarism to the next generation. Without such effort, those who inherit a free society lack necessary appreciation of their unique gift. This is why government schools must be abolished. State “education” not only is vastly inferior to what young, inquisitive minds deserve, but is historically a proven instrument of indoctrination. Something as critical as the education of our children must not be left to the state.

Government is a naturally expansionist institution. The paper constraints of the Constitution have proven utterly impotent in restraining its growth. In fact, government spending in America will surpass $7 trillion. Considering the state is a naturally totalitarian organization, there is no greater prize than that of controlling education. The history of government education in America begins long before the Department of Education in 1979. Natural expansionist tendencies of government little by little grew to envelop the entire educational system over a period of many years. State intrusion into education largely began in the 18th century.

The American public education system, along with most other Western nations, follows the Prussian Model. A wave of nationalistic fervor crashed through Europe at this time; Prussian education standards clearly exemplified this trend. The prime goal of the Prussian Model was not to produce thinkers, but obedient automatons incapable of critical thinking and questioning state authority. After all, an intelligent and philosophical population spearheaded the American Revolution, demanding liberty from the British government. The Prussian government wanted a nation of docile, conformist factory workers and soldiers. Leftists in America dreamed of imposing this system on all American children for decades. After years of compulsory education in such a system no child would dare to think freely, let alone even have the inclination to do so.

One of the prime attributes of this ungodly system is the compulsory nature of it. Most Americans today probably could not even fathom a society without forced state education. In the early days of the Republic however, education was much freer. Like most government programs, government schools are rigid and regimented. Don’t like it? Too bad! You have to go. The best way a state can ensure absolute control over their citizens is forcing them into state schools. Anyone who clearly follows the history of the Prussian model of education understands that government schools are not for education. They are for stamping out originality and breeding compliance. 

What makes the free market so great? Producers compete to provide the best possible product / service to customers at the best possible price. Not so in government schools. Like any other government enterprise, state “schools” suffer from the incentive problem. Government schools live off of taxation, not free and voluntary transactions with consumers who can leave at any time. The kids are forced to go and the parents are forced to pay. Not even Walmart has that luxury. Imagine if Walmart could send armed thugs to someone’s house if he did not pay a monthly tribute to the store. Why bother even trying to deliver quality customer service under such conditions? Imagine! The average person simply does not understand the gravity of this arbitrary state power. Would Dell make good computers if they could force people to buy them? Would Toyota make good cars if they could forcefully extract revenue from Ford and GM customers?

Unlike Walmart, Dell, and Toyota, the government gets paid regardless of how terrible their product is. The government forces everyone to pay, even parents who send their kids to private schools. With this near monopoly power over education, the government can lazily bask in its market position. Competition is not allowed and no external pressures demand excellence. Leftist these days decry monopolies, but say nothing about the government monopoly over education. One would think people so concerned about marginalized classes would speak up. Who could be more vulnerable than children? Unfortunately under the state’s education monopoly, children bear the heaviest burden.

The lethargic government educators decimated the world’s greatest education system. The reasons above are more philosophical criticisms of government schools, but there actually exists tangible evidence proving how terrible state education is. Reading comprehension and literacy rates are pathetic; half of American adults cannot read at an 8th grade level and nearly half fail at something as simple as reading a prescription drug label. Other subjects show similar trends. According to a National Geographic survey, half of Americans failed to identify the state of New York on a map. Also 3/4s of Americans do not know certain freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights. Math scores are not much better either; America lags behind other industrialized nations. What in the hell do kids even learn in government schools?! No wonder millennials like Bernie Sanders. They can barely read, they do not even know basic civics, and they cannot do math.

The government takeover of education has been an abject failure. Their schools are an abomination and a disgrace. Our youth deserves better. The next generation should not be sacrificed upon the altar of leftist conformity ideology. I have not even mention the outright propaganda and sexual degeneracy in most government schools. America is crippled going into the 21st century with a population incapable of higher level thinking. Not because Americans are dumb, but because their schools failed them. Government schools are immoral and should be abolished entirely. Only when freed from the death grip of the state can education truly blossom.


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