How Moral Relativism Is Destroying The West

Western culture produced the greatest progress and prosperity in world history. Rule of law, separation of church and state, the scientific method, the free market. All are historic achievements unique to Western Civilization. Western nations once proudly displayed the confidence of their superiority. Now however, moral relativism infects the US and Europe. The condition is chronic and life threatening, a way of thinking directly jeopardizing everything we inherited from our forefathers.

What is moral relativism? we is an important question to answer. The first step to solving a problem is first correctly identifying and defining the problem. Moral relativism is the assertion that there is no objective moral truth. All opinions and beliefs are relative to an individual’s culture, religion, and ethnicity. We cannot therefore judge any particular belief or value as “good” or “bad.” Moral relativism is one of the central pillars of any leftist philosophy. Is this true? Is each person’s opinion really just a matter of relative preference?

Leftists use relativistic arguments when they claim that no culture / belief can be “better” than another. Why? Because there is no such thing as truth. However, even a novice philosopher can find flaws with such a claim. Disproving their assertions requires no experimentation or rigorous testing, just logic and reason. Take the statement, “there is no moral truth.” That is a authoritative claim with truth value. How can the statement be true if there is no moral truth? It is a self-detonating statement. How can the statement, “there is no moral truth” be true if there is no such thing as truth? The logic is flawed.

Morality and truth is not an opinion. Relativism wrongly assumes that any belief or value falls into the same category as a completely arbitrary preference. If I like vanilla ice cream and you like chocolate ice cream, what gives me the authority to claim my preference as superior? Truth and objective reality however cannot be personal preferences. Truth is universal and more akin to 2 + 2 = 4. There is no objective way to prove that one flavor of ice cream is better than another. However, 2 + 2 = 4 is an objective truth, regardless of whatever someone else thinks. Any contrary opinion is wrong. For more on proving morality see one of my previous articles.

As with many poorly reasoned conclusions, negative repercussions follow. Moral relativism not only prohibits one from thinking clearly and logically, but takes entire societies down chaotic paths. In the mind of a liberal, relativist thinking leads to ideas of radical egalitarianism. If truth is all relative, then who are we to judge other groups and cultures? There will be differences, but who are we to judge? The differences can neither be good nor bad. Under relativism, one culture cannot claim superiority over another. Because of their commitment to relativity, liberals are nearly all globalists and support open borders.

Are all cultures really equal though? In this instance, one need only observe the actions and moral positions of other cultures to come to a reasonable conclusion. Take the migrant crisis for example. Western nations are literally under attack. Waves of 3rd world migrant invaders ravage Europe. Anyone can easily look up what the Koran teaches about women: little wonder that the invading barbarians caused a mass increase in sexual assault. Islamic societies are very patriarchal, viewing women as property. Can we not claim with authority that such beliefs are not only backward, but immoral? We can and should criticize such primitive cultural beliefs. We are not all the same. Some cultures are not only barbaric, but evil.

Relativism also limits one when facing evil. Contrary to what the naïve utopian liberals think, there exists true and present evil in this world. Our nations are filled with immoral degenerates. If one subscribes to the moral relativism philosophy, evil cannot be properly combated. Predictably, relativist liberals have a terrible track record of standing up against evil. In fact the American media, largely composed of leftists, vigorously attempted to cover up the horrors of Communism. Liberals also spearheaded the protection of abortion rights, the ability to legally murder innocent children.

A relativist cannot authoritatively condemn evil actions. The strength of Western culture came not only from commitment to science and reason, but to universal ethics and morality. Take slavery for example. The West ended slavery, after every culture in human history blindly photocopied the practice. The West employed universal ethics and moral standards. The breakthrough of liberty-minded thinkers lead not only intellectuals, but the common man to conclude that all people had unalienable rights. Not just the king. Not just the judges or the generals. All men. A relativist society could never produce such fortitude. If relativist liberals today still employ lies and manipulation about the horrors of Communism, is there any doubt that any of them would oppose a clearly lesser evil, slavery?

The West is on the decline. The cancerous relativistic thinking has eroded cultural confidence and virtue. All relativists have done is produce a mass of unthinking idiots and spinless jellyfish, incapable of critical thinking and moral courage. Our culture is so lost and confused that we cannot even prevent the daily murder of innocent babies from abortion, the most uncivilized genocide in human history. Not even Hitler or Stalin created such a scale of industrialized slaughter. The situation in Europe is even dire: the entire continent teeters on utter collapse from welcoming millions of violent migrant invaders. If the West crumbles a Dark Age more brutal than that after the fall of Rome will follow.

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