Trump’s First Big Mistake

Donald Trump just made his first huge mistake: escalating the conflict in Syria. For the millions of anti-war voters who supported him, this is a huge disappointment. Trump ran explicitly on an anti-war, America-first platform. He criticized many of the interventionist programs of the Obama and Bush Administrations, giving his supporters hope. Sadly, Trump unleashed the dogs of war before even his first 100 days.  In every circumstance, war has significant consequences for liberty, both domestically and abroad. Trump campaigned on tough negotiations and deal-making, only using the president’s war powers to protect America’s direct security. How did this happen?

War is the greatest threat to freedom and human flourishing. Not taxes or government schooling. War. In every circumstance, central governments use wars as an excuse to curb liberty at home for the sake of “national security.” Whether President’s Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus and totalitarian domestic policy during the Civil War, or George Bush’s illegal spying programs from the Patriot Act, war in American history rarely ends well.  Aside from regressed liberty at home, the unfathomable costs in human lives and wealth destruction are immeasurable. To be truly consistent in the struggle for liberty, we must always be skeptical of war fever. While there are legitimate self-defense circumstances for war, few wars, especially recent wars, fall into that category. Regarding Syria, one might ask a simple question: what has Syria done to the US and how does it impact us?

The conflict in Syria started with the Obama Administration. Like any good leftist sociopath, Obama embarked on an international mission to remake and reengineer the world to his desire. He used presidential war powers extensively, escalating nearly every conflict in the Middle East, notably in Syria. The Syrian War is enormously complex, with rebels, the Syrian government, ISIS, and Kurds all fighting each other. To make the conflict more interesting, Russia backs the side opposing the American-supported side. Considering the number of factions involved and the blatant ignorance our politicians have of Islamic history and philosophy, there is no doubt that America’s involvement will only worsen the situation. Not to mention the potential for an open conflict between the US and Russia.

Like Obama, Trump campaigned against the endless wars overseas. His famous slogan, America First, resonated with the American people. In 2013 the American people rejected Obama’s attempt to assault Syria not only because there was little evidence the government even used chemical weapons, but because our nation is tired of war! President Obama was the first president in US history to be at war for every single year of his term. Our nation is tapped out. Exhausted. Overextended. Trump capitalized on this growing sentiment to defeat Hillary, but quickly betrayed the American people. When will a leader finally subdue the warmongering neocons?

The Middle East is the ultimate Graveyard of Empires, a quagmire worse than Vietnam. No one even knows why we are there, or what the goal even is anymore. The US wages a continuous war in the region with little accomplished. An entire generation of Americans will grow up not knowing what peacetime even means. The War On Terror is 15 years old and has no end in sight. Meanwhile Americans at home adjust to a slew of restrictions to liberty. Our own government spies on us daily, warrantlessly collecting phone calls, emails, texts, and other personal data of innocent citizens. Millions of Americans are treated like criminals and subjected to draconian TSA guidelines for airline travel. And worse of all the president now has the authority to kill, without any trial or due process, American citizens. All these encroachments to liberty could not have been possible under peacetime conditions.

Trump gave a glimmer of hope to halt America’s ravenous military industrial complex. As a self-made man, he owed nothing to anyone. He was not bought and paid for so could then resist the Deep State like no other politician ever could. However he caved when the bloodthirsty neocons demanded war. What does the US have to gain from war in Syria? What American interests are threatened? What credible national security risk does Syria pose to Americans at home? America is 20 trillion dollars in debt. We cannot afford to gallivant across the globe. American foreign policy over the past 10 years has proved a complete disaster. America toppled regimes in Iraq, Libya, and Egypt, which set the Middle East on fire, directly leading to the migrant crisis. The removal of Assad in Syria threatens to disrupt one of the few remaining stabilizers in the region.

In 2013 Trump vociferously spoke out against Obama attacking Syria for the above reasons. It serves no purpose other than disrupting regional order and creating millions of migrants who will then seek refuge in Europe’s insolvent welfare system. Trump needs to focus on America more than bombing people overseas. The economy is in shambles thanks to eight years of central planning of the Obama Administration. American healthcare is a complete wreck. The nation teeters on the verge of a race war, and self-proclaimed anti-fascist liberals prowl across American oppressing free speech and free thought. There is no shortage of problems at home. Trump promised America First. America deserves a leader who puts national interest first before bombing foreigners.


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