Libertarians Don’t Have To Support Gay Marriage

The modern West is rife with moral degeneracy and decay. Statism seeks to encompass and dominate all aspects of economic life. Feminism continuously corrodes relationships between men and women, vilifying family life. And worst of all: Western nations murder millions of unborn babies annually. This is a war, folks. Not yet a shooting war, but a war of culture and ideas. One of the more hotly discussed cultural and moral issues today is that of gay marriage. Where does it fall on the spectrum of a free and virtuous society? As libertarians and supporters of freedom, do we have to rally behind gay marriage equality?

The non-aggression principle–do not initiate force–is a the central pillar of libertarianism. The use of violence is immoral, unless used in a legitimate circumstance of self-defense. See Stefan Molyneux’s Universally Preferable Behavior for a more in depth explanation of the ethics. Many libertarians however, rigidly argue that all is permissible if violence is not initiated. Therefore one should support gay marriage. This criteria alone cannot determine morality though. A liar, a cheater, and a prostitute all can wholeheartedly follow the non-aggression principle. One could hardly argue in favor of the ethics of these behaviors.

Too many wrongly flock to libertarianism because of a perceived lax stance on morality. The non-aggression principle indeed leads to a free society, but does it lead to a virtuous society? A good society? The non-aggression principle is necessary for freedom, but not sufficient for virtue. A cloistered hermit adheres perfectly to the non-aggression principle, but we would not call this person a moral hero. The non-aggression argument cannot be used to justify homosexual marriage. There is something more to morality.

Starting from square one, there is a natural order to the world around us. Some scholars start with this principle before advancing to more complex moral arguments. The Natural Law stance is common among religious thinkers, but does not require belief in a deity. Marriage and human relationships follow this Natural Order. Societies everywhere for thousands of years displayed rites and rituals honoring marriage. In fact, before there were any governments, there existed families. The institution of marriage predates the state. As the first building block of any complex society, marriage is built into Natural Law and human nature.

What is marriage for? All throughout history, marriage was a public ritual recognizing a pair bonded relationship between a man and a woman. As an institution, marriage contracts explicitly benefited children, providing the best environment suitable for their survival. There is no question today that children from married couples do better than those from single parents. Marriage flows directly from the ordered and creative properties of human sexuality. Contrary to what the degenerate Left believes, the primary purpose of sex and sexual desire is procreation. This is not just a Catholic perspective: from a purely biological viewpoint, the reason for sex is to beget and raise offspring.

The institution of marriage harnesses sexual desire and directs it towards the ordered purpose of creation. It is a mutually beneficial contract where male and female differences compliment each other. But most of all, marriage protects children. As mounting evidence proves, humans are wired to flourish two parent, man-and-woman environments. The facts only prove what philosophers already knew: male and female marriage is ingrained in human nature, conforming to Natural Law.

This is why homosexual “marriage” is wrong. It directly opposes Natural Law. Under no circumstances can a gay relationship lead to ordered procreation. Homosexual acts disrespect the institution of marriage because they reduce human sexuality to base, animalistic pleasure. Procreation is not only not recognized, but entirely discounted. This failure to recognize and express the creative purpose of marriage and sexuality involves immorality. It is little wonder that when realizing the rebellion against Natural Law, that promiscuity runs rampant in homosexual relationships.

Because gay marriage completely closes off giving life, it is inherently anti-family. In its proper context of marriage, sexuality tends towards order and life. Gay marriage however, tends towards entropy and disorder, denying the fundamental reality of marriage. Marriage and sexuality becomes a Hedonistic pursuit. If it feels good, do it! Despite what some misguided libertarians think, freedom to live a degenerate lifestyle is not the ideal state of liberty.

The state only exacerbates this complex social issue. Given that most politicians never study philosophy, let alone Natural Law, instances of government redefining marriage are unsurprising. Since the Enlightenment, the State supplanted God as the new Supreme Power. Western society is especially comfortable with completely arbitrary and unfounded government edicts. The redefinition of marriage is no exception. An institution that existed for centuries before governments is being forced to adapt to the regressive social justice narrative. Regardless, the state possesses neither the authority, nor the moral credibility to change the natural order of marriage.

Many libertarians fail to take a stand against degenerate behavior. An action is not immune from criticism just because it does not violate the non-aggression principle. Just as one can criticize excessive alcohol consumption or extra-marital affairs, one can criticize gay marriage. Because of this and the reasons above, libertarians should not feel inconsistent for opposing gay marriage. The left is virulently anti-family and seeks its utter destruction. Promotion of sexual degeneracy and gay marriage further subverts an already maimed institution in the West.

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