Liberals Are Violent Sociopaths

We constantly hear in the media and from politicians just how scary and mean people are on the right. Here is something one can consider a general rule in the United States: Whatever the media and governments says is a lie. Violence in Western politics erupts frequently, but it comes from the left, not the right. The left’s fetish with violence comes from many factors. Their philosophical beliefs. The mental state of individual leftists themselves. And historical precedence. The most notable outbreaks come from Antifa, who ironically use fascist anti-liberty tactics to “fight fascism” in the US. The left, not the right, employs violence. Here are the facts.

There is a vast wealth of historical information putting everything into context. Leftist intellectuals and respected thinkers openly advocated for violent government policies. To correctly understand the aggressive neanderthals today masquerading as protesters or freedom fighters, we must first examine the historical record. Contrary to what most people think, the origins of leftist violence begins before Karl Marx and his advocacy for political violence. The French Revolution, a true leftwing uprising, began the left’s unholy fascination with violence.

The French Revolution was a socialist, leftwing revolution in nature. Its political goals were to supplant the extravagant monarchy with a totally democratic system tethered to the collective will of the majority, the working class. The Marxist notions of class consciousness and class warfare arose in germ form during the French Revolution. How were goals achieved? Violence. The guillotine became the infamous symbol of the French Revolution. People standing in the way of “progress” were routinely arrested and murdered on a scale never seen at the time. Enemies of the revolution included anyone who criticized the state. The violent birth of the Revolution inevitably lead to favored leftist state policies. Institutionalized state theft, the welfare state, central planning, redistribution of wealth, and other pet polices of modern leftwing sociopaths saw widespread implementation during this time. Predictably, violent political beliefs cultivated an environment where gross violations of personhood and property followed.

After the barbaric slaughter fest of the French Revolution, did the left look back and reevaluate their positions? No. To the contrary, leftist thinkers doubled down. Not long after the French Revolution, an explosion of leftist-Marxist thinkers proselytized their backward beliefs, demanding more violent revolution. Marx and Engels’ Gospel of Envy spawned the vengeful socialist regimes of Stalin and Mao. Marching in the footsteps of the French Revolution, the leftist socialist revolutions in Russia and China led to the greatest crimes against humanity in human history. Tens of millions were murdered by their own governments in the name of progress.

What has changed today? Nothing. The philosophy of the left as a whole logically progresses towards large scale violence. Redistribution of wealth, enforced equality, and the “common good” all demand a violent overbearing state. The political aims of the left cannot be achieved without a coercive state forcing compliance to their arbitrary objectives. Philosophically speaking, a leftist must accept that in their ideal world, millions would be stripped not only of their rights, but of their lives. It takes a certain kind of vile villainy or useful idiocy to follow the leftist creed. One either knows the political goals lead to violence and pursues them anyway, or is ignorant of the historical record and unwittingly serves evil. Neither situation is good.

Anyone can attend an anti-Trump protest and see for themselves the violent tendencies of liberals. In fact, there are actually studies showing that leftist exhibit more dysfunctional and anti-social behaviors than those on the right. The evidence supports the theory: there are countless examples of leftists violently assaulting Trump supporters. This is not even counting any of the riotous outburst from Antifa.

Inside the heart of every leftist is a totalitarian. No different that Stalin or Mao, they simply cannot stand the fact that someone somewhere disagrees with them and lives differently. Little wonder that every left wing victory leads to more state power and diminishing liberty. The leftist philosophy is all encompassing, seeking utter domination over all social institutions by any means possible. This is why favorite leftist thinkers, especially modern ones like Saul Alinksy, have little moral reservations using violence to get their way. The ends justify the means.

This phenomenon is especially evident in the social justice wing of the left. Posing as an equality movement, social justice warriors are the most totalitarian brand of the left in Western politics. These leftists use not only violence to further their ends, but also ruinous social pressure on people who deviate from conventional thinking. The goal of the left is to inflict terror to “nudge” people into conformity. The state then deals with anyone brave enough to outright defy the status quo.

History shows what happens when liberals take control of government. The record is clear. Revolutionary leftwing movements lead to the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, Stalin’s gulags, and incalculable suffering in Maoist China. That’s because liberals fundamentally do not believe in individual rights; they believe in the “Greater Good.” The rights of society come before anything else. If someone’s property or lives must be forfeited, then so be it. Anyone with any means to do so must expose the evil and hypocrisy of the left. The West may be declining, but still remains the last bastion of liberty in a dark world. Before the barbaric schemes of the left are enacted, we must use what remain of free speech rights to win hearts and minds.

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