Degeneracy Of The Left

Liberal ideology brings with it a mindset and a lifestyle. Unhealthy ones. Essentially born out of the French Revolution, modern leftism arose as a counter-culture against religiosity and the Church. Liberal thinkers chastised the Church for its excess and strict, constraining moral philosophy. While the Church indeed needed reform, the left capitalized upon popular resent against religion and attacked relentlessly. With their ultimate goal being a totalitarian government, the left set out to dismantle not only the Church, but also morality. Fast forward to today and outright degeneracy of liberals is self-evident.

While Voltaire and Rousseau’s goals may have been liberation, the results are much different. Modern liberals claim to fight oppression, but nothing could be further from the truth. The “freedom” the left fights for starkly contrasts with liberties the right fights for. Rejecting universal truth and morality, the left champions freedom of degeneracy and debauchery. Ultimate freedom comes from violating as much sensibility as possible. Notice that economic liberties and civil liberties are not nearly as important to the left. What matters most is the liberty to live without morality, to live like an animal.

This is coupled with the left’s constant shielding of consequences. Liberals not only wish to pursue degeneracy, but to do so without suffering consequences of their bad decisions. To be truly free, one must disregard ” socially constructed morality” and be insulated from unjust effects. The freedom from morality goes hand in hand with freedom from consequences. To regularly violate moral standards, somehow moral actors must be protected from the fallout. This largely happens through government policy.

Degenerate lifestyles, coupled with man’s natural desire to live consequence free, leads to catastrophic government policy. Take one example: sexual liberation. The left’s desire to live as promiscuously as possible is the root of the West’s greatest manifestation of evil. Abortion. To shield women from their terrible sexual decisions, the termination of pregnancy must be an option. The result is the rampant murder of millions of innocent victims, sacrificed upon the altar of liberal selfishness.

Other massive social issues stem from apparent sexual liberation. Notably single motherhood. With irresponsible promiscuity comes much higher chances of unplanned, out of wedlock pregnancy. Many children born in such circumstances never have a father in their lives. The evidence is clear: single motherhood subjects children to untold suffering and trauma. Children in single mother households suffer higher rates of physical and sexual abuse, display higher rates of criminality, have higher suicide rates, and drop out of school more. Sexual degeneracy might work for the self-absorbed feminist following her hedonistic impulses, but not so well for children caught in the maelstrom. Society must then bear the costs of higher crime, poverty, and unrest.

The left however, does not care about the hard consequences of their policies. Since many leftists subscribe to no universal morality, they have no objective standards. There is no objective right or wrong, just victory or loss. As history proves, leftists will do anything to win. Whether it is cheating in elections or throwing bricks at a Trump supporter, liberals play to win. Using the right’s moral standards to their advantage, the left generally follows the Alinksy playbook. They know right-leaning individuals generally follow universal moral truths and thus refuse to cheat, steal, or use violence. Morality, in general, is seen as chains preventing the political success of their agenda. The cancer of moral relativism fully metastasized into leftist thinking.

The left has a lot to answer for regarding the social decay of Western societies. With moral relativism as their justification, liberals have all but collapsed Western culture pursuing animalistic hedonism. Through forcing sexual degeneracy upon the youth, liberals destroyed the family, the fundamental building block of any society. Without strong families there can be no strong churches. No strong schools. And no strong communities. Instead of building great products, innovating, and discovering, Western societies are preoccupied with the constant social unrest.

The left has succeeded in denigrating virtue and integrity. Living honorably is demonized in popular culture in favor of utmost depravity. In many Western countries, hypersexualization of children begins at an early age, programming the young for future indoctrination. Lacking the strong moral certitude of the past, our nations are much less equipped for addressing deep crises. The Civil Rights issue of our time, the Rights of the Unborn, has largely gone unresolved for over 30 years. The West needs an awakening. A rediscovery of the foundations of universal ethics. Economic growth will help, but not save us from internal moral conflicts.


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