Race And IQ

Globalists relentlessly repeat the lie that we are all the same. With Marxist egalitarianism at its roots, globalism treats human beings as interchangeable Lego blocks, disregarding immutable human traits. Inconvenient truths of race, gender, age, and most recently IQ, are all steadfastly denied. Given the populist revolution against globalism and open borders immigration, understanding the relationship between race and IQ is critical for saving Western Culture. Western societies absolutely can attribute their success to cultural superiority, but there is also a biological element Leftist socialists work night and day to suppress. The ignorant and closed minded will outright assume RACISM! from this first paragraph. Opinions of the feeble minded however, will not hold back the truth.  This information is critical not only for the flourishing of Western culture, but also for other societies.

Despite the wishful thinking of day dreaming leftists, there is a significant genetic component to intelligence. Our forefathers well understood this difference, but only recently has there been scientific evidence. In the US, social scientists have well-documented evidence of genetic components to IQ differences between blacks and whites. Those differences hold true across continents as well. With 100 as the mean, whites cluster around an IQ of 100, while blacks cluster around an IQ of 85, a full standard deviation difference. Despite untold billions spent on government education programs, the results have been largely fruitless. Massive state social engineering projects fall flat when confronted with biological reality.  Differences in IQ exist for all other races as well, not just blacks and whites.

How should we interpret this information? What does it mean? The standard leftist response is to obfuscate, using straw man arguments to label any intellectual curiosity in the matter as racist. Any honest thinking man need not heed such anti-science prejudice. Firstly IQ differences explain, rather inconveniently for the left, divergent outcomes of the races. Full of anti-white bigotry, leftists routinely blame all disparate outcomes among the races on white racism. A tired and boring argument. Leftists fail to even acknowledge the fact that whites were the only race with the moral courage to outlaw slavery, a practice every culture indulged in since the beginning of time.

No matter what the race of an individual, higher IQ scores correlate to favorable outcomes. Higher IQ individuals are generally more successful and countries with higher national IQs have stronger economies.  With greater intelligence comes more productivity and achievement. Whether black or white, a smarter person will simply have more to offer society. Accompanying this greater productivity obviously is the corresponding higher incomes. So if whites have on average a full standard deviation IQ higher than blacks, one would expect income disparities. Intelligent people on average make more money. Simple as that.

Higher IQ individuals are also friendlier and more cooperative, utterly essential for maintaining a civilized republican government. Much of a civilized society relies on mutual cooperation and social trust. Even with today’s technology, a government bureaucrat cannot micromanage every instance of human action. Believe it or not, there still exist circumstances where two parties must cooperate to achieve a mutual gain. Intelligent people are capable of problem solving and reaching mutually beneficial conclusions without running to the government to impose their will upon the other party. Smarter people just require less overhead. They flourish even without self-righteous bureaucrats waving guns around ordering people what to do.  Intelligent people largely are less likely to see violence as a viable option. And any honest thinker knows that government is the initiation of force.

This segues perfectly into crime. Those with a higher IQ generally use their brains rather than violence to solve problems. IQ differences strongly reveal manifest in crime statistics. Those with an IQ around 80 to 85 commit the majority of violent criminal offenses.  And what is the average IQ of blacks in America? 85. Their over-representation in prisons has little to nothing to do with “white racism” and more to do with lower intellectual capacity. Understand that this is an average.  There are many perfectly friendly and intelligent blacks. However there are more on the lower end, which explains the higher degree of criminality in the black community.

How does all this relate to freedom? These facts put the immigration debate into perspective. Leftists openly campaign for open borders and unrestricted immigration. Unfortunately, many libertarians and those on the right support open borders as well. As one could guess, most immigration into the West comes from lower IQ nations. Understanding the facts behind race and IQ, one could also very easily predict the resulting problems: higher crime, a growing government, and shrinking social trust. These immigrants bring with them their greater average propensity for crime and their terrible ideas about government, reliably voting to expand state power. In order to maintain a healthy democratic culture, a higher IQ is necessary. That means immigration from low IQ nations will further erode our already waning liberties, leading to a more authoritarian government. The inconvenient truth of our time: immigration from the third world will destroy Western Culture.

It must be stopped. No one knows how to raise IQ or even properly address the situation. The feral left largely stonewalls any attempt to further explore the facts. Scientists refrain from studying race and IQ out of fear of being called racist. One thing is certain: immigration is not benefiting the West. It is an enormous net social cost. On top of the biological constraints, many of the immigrants also come from nations with cultural hostility towards liberty. They are not the immigrants from the 19th century who came from higher IQ nations and a cultural understanding of freedom.  Greater immigration from the third world will simply drag the West down, corrupting the freest civilization in human history. It must stop.


One thought on “Race And IQ

  1. It should be noted that the average IQ 0f 85 for blacks pertains only to American blacks. In Africa it is 60 – 80 depending on region. In South Africa for example the question of black IQ has been extensively tested and validated (after Mandela came to power).

    The results are that the black South African average is 70.

    The 85 in the US is likely due to the fact that most American blacks have some white ancestry.


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