Degeneracy Of The Left

Liberal ideology brings with it a mindset and a lifestyle. Unhealthy ones. Essentially born out of the French Revolution, modern leftism arose as a counter-culture against religiosity and the Church. Liberal thinkers chastised the Church for its excess and strict, constraining moral philosophy. While the Church indeed needed reform, the left capitalized upon popular resent … Continue reading Degeneracy Of The Left


Libertarians Don’t Have To Support Gay Marriage

The modern West is rife with moral degeneracy and decay. Statism seeks to encompass and dominate all aspects of economic life. Feminism continuously corrodes relationships between men and women, vilifying family life. And worst of all: Western nations murder millions of unborn babies annually. This is a war, folks. Not yet a shooting war, but … Continue reading Libertarians Don’t Have To Support Gay Marriage

The War On Men

There is no such thing as the War on Women. There is no such thing as the patriarchy. Shocking statements, nonetheless.  Feminism has instructed generations of Americans that male dominance exploits and discriminated against pure, innocent women. The only method of fair rectification is massive state intervention uprooting arbitrary male authority.  After long oppressing women, … Continue reading The War On Men

The Erosion of the Family

Before there were governments or organized, complex societies, there were families.  The family is the fundamental building block of society.  The first unit upon which every other social structure is built upon.  Strong families directly translate into stronger social institutions.  One might ask, how exactly does the family relate to Libertarian/Conservative philosophy?  Rather than a direct … Continue reading The Erosion of the Family