Iowa Caucus

A few days ago, the Iowa Caucus produced rather astonishing results.  Ted Cruz handily beat Donald Trump with record turnout and Bernie Sanders rose up to tie with Clinton.  Granted this is merely the beginning of an election cycle with many more primaries to come, but useful extrapolations and conclusion can be made.  Trump no … Continue reading Iowa Caucus

The Erosion of the Family

Before there were governments or organized, complex societies, there were families.  The family is the fundamental building block of society.  The first unit upon which every other social structure is built upon.  Strong families directly translate into stronger social institutions.  One might ask, how exactly does the family relate to Libertarian/Conservative philosophy?  Rather than a direct … Continue reading The Erosion of the Family

A Moral Case Against Statism

Across America, young people, especially college students, are instructed of the virtues of statism.  Statism can take many forms: socialism, Marxism, Fascism, mercantilism.  For simplicity's sake statism shall be defined as a political/economic organization of society rooted in compulsory obligations a central governing body enforces.  Most modern statist systems today stem from Marxism/socialism.  Fascism and Nazism … Continue reading A Moral Case Against Statism

The March Towards Socialism

Socialist candidates ran for political office in the United States, notably Norman Thomas for president, in the past. Many modern Democratic candidates also espouse socialism to varying degrees. This election cycle Bernie Sanders openly and proudly campaigns as a socialist. Candidates peddling socialism are not new to the political landscape, but have historically succumbed to … Continue reading The March Towards Socialism